Turning ideas into action

Feb 2024 | Blog

How to turn your ideas into action. Time for a change.

Have you ever wondered why some people change so easily, at least it looks like it. Don’t they experience struggles or delays, I am just curious.

Change, do you need this? It won’t be a surprise if I answer that question with YES or NO. It depends on the topic, of course.
Without change everything can be blocked. The world is constantly in a changing mode, and this can be exactly the same for you. The question is, in what direction are you moving, towards, or away from? And how do you like to get into that changing mode? I often hear people say: “I should do this differently”, “I can’t do it, because I’m not very good at this”, “change, why should I, it’s going quite well”, “ never mind, it takes too much effort” and “who is waiting for me now”. Well, that’s an interesting statement, the last one. There are indeed people who are waiting for you and who would like to get in touch with you.

Let’s go back to the word change. Change is an indispensable part of our live. However, what we often encounter is resistance to change, and that lies within ourselves as individuals. Change also means letting go of several known patterns.

I would like to take you through a story about change and letting go. In this case it concerns adjusting a LinkedIn profile. I can hear people saying, yes, and duhhhh how important is it.

Well, it just depends on how you look at it, and how you deal with it. You as a reader probably want to be in the picture, even only with people you like to be around. How do you do this?

You may think about it briefly as you read this information, and the question might even be, how well are you reading? Our brain is quickly distracted. Imagine, someone asks you something while you are reading, or another WhatsApp or phone call comes in, and boom we are out of interest. What about Facebook, or maybe you were even reading your private email? The question that remains is, do you keep on reading the document or do you skip to the next part, which means you may have missed very valuable information? I’m curious how that works in your brain?

Winning starts with beginning!
The change starts within and only becomes visible when you allow it to change. We can never see ourselves as the world sees us. How logical does it sound if you leave this path and let someone else describe what you are good at or how that person sees you. That’s quite a change to allow.

This is what today is about. Let someone else watch and follow the advice by starting a conversation and then making it happen. As humans, we are easily tempted to keep everything in our own hands, or to have complete control. When was the last time you let go of something that you previously experienced as very difficult to let go? And… Did you like it?

I’m curious what you think of my new profile on LinkedIn and whether there are items that you miss.

And now really take action?!
If you would like to share an experience in which you have allowed a change, you are cordially invited. Would you like to know more about how to let go of things more easily, Contact me! Have fun.

Let people know what you do,
so that people do something with what you know!

Make it a beautiful day!


Jos Frederiks