The power of career coaching

Apr 2024 | Blog

Are you satisfied with your job at the moment? Do you purely work to provide your livelihood or is it really your passion? Maybe you think that your dream job is impossible for you, or you choose the security that your current job offers you. But what if it turns out that there are opportunities for you to do what really makes you happy? What would you choose?

Jos Frederiks sees them every day in his practice. Young people who have no idea what course of study to choose, people who have been doing the same job for years but feel that their job no longer suits them so well. Men and women who, due to circumstances, such as dismissal due to reorganization or bankruptcy are facing a new phase in their lives and do not know which path to take.

Of course, there are countless tests you can take on the internet, but those tests are often very flat, the questions are usually subjective and they do not offer the opportunity to have a deep talk about your needs. Such a test alone says very little. You will be told in which category you should look for your future, but often that is something you never expected or don’t think it will suit you. We also use tests in our practice, but the big difference is that we really want to have the chance to knowing you. What are your great qualities and which job(s) suits you the best? And together with you, we will walk through the path that makes it visible for you in which direction you should look. That’s a great process, it’s a party every time.

Broadly oriented
In fact, every person needs a coach at least once in their life. And yes, that also applies to myself. After all, I never see myself the way someone else sees me. Me myself and I have a blind spot for certain things. A coach makes that blind spot visible through critical questions from a positive mindset. This also applies to a career coach. People come here, for example, through word of mouth, the internet or a company doctor when they no longer feel happy in their current job.

We will first sit down for an interview, who are you, what kind of family do you come from, what was expected of you, what have you done so far, what are your hobbies and what makes your heart beat faster. What is your passion? Of course it is important that there is a certain click, but you will soon notice that, during a first conversation. By paying close attention, I quickly identify what really fascinates someone. Sometimes there are still certain blockages from the family that needs to be addressed first. The advantage of our company is that we are very broadly oriented and therefore also offer psychological assistance. Sometimes you first have to understand certain things about yourself before you can open up to make that switch and go off the beaten track.

In addition to becoming aware of your own potential, it is also about communicating with yourself and how your body responds to it. If you say in advance that you can’t do something, everything in your body will make sure that you are right.. We have no idea how much influence language can and will have on our brains and outcomes. You will also learn to take responsibility for yourself, so that you can also make different choices. Don’t stay too long in a job where you are not feeling happy. Even though you were expected from home to take over the company. Even if the people at home don’t understand why you want something totally different, isn’t it all good the way it is now? No, we start from your current situation and walk the path together to make your dream come true. You will undoubtedly come up with all kinds of limiting beliefs, but we will guide you through that too. On the other hand, we also get all kinds of cool ideas along the way that will open up your brain. You will be able to achieve and execute your dream from a safe environment and based on your own set of choices. Even if you currently have no idea what your dream or passion exactly is, you will discover this by answering the many questions that are asked in your best interest. In my belief, good career coaching depends on discovering your own identity. There is a solution for you too.

Are you getting more curious about what you are able to achieve, then let me know.

How to use your brain for a change?

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Jos Frederiks