Jos Frederiks

“Words are what brings us together – and what drives us apart.”

Hi I’m Jos Frederiks and for three decades I have been helping people use words to create better outcomes. We all take words for granted . We use them everyday and hardly give them a thought. But sometimes, what people hear us say, is not what we meant to say. Poorly chosen words can make people angry, confused, annoyed or even violent. Words can spoil a relationship, break up a family, get us sacked from a job, get us arrested or get our face slapped!

My love for words started years ago when I was 19 years young, without knowing then that this would have now such a great impact in my daily life.
Too often we talk in automatic and don’t think about the effect our words are having.
Improve your vocabulary and your outcomes will be improved. I guarantee it!
With the words we say and the words we fail to say, like the ripples we make by throwing a pebble into a pond, stay around for a long time!

The words you use, define you.
In my company VidaSense, in the Netherlands and also in the UK, I have been listening to people talk. The last time I counted, it was over 18,000 individual conversations.
When I feed back to them what they actually said, many of them are both surprised and even horrified. They did not realise the impact of what they were saying.
What do you think?

Use better words

Get better outcomes!